The Wedding March

IMG_5387Was set in motion by a few words I left on a joint bachelor/bachelorette party guest book. As I was inscribing the words, I reminisced about my own wedding, unconventional to some but ordinary to a few, to the “a deux” individuals who opt to elope into you may kiss the bride Vegas quickie weddings thus beginning the poem.

For your reason and yours alone, you decide on a quick and spontaneous celebration of your union to the more elaborated and orchestrated event – whatever suits you – to later move on to what was I thinking category?! You enjoy the romantic moment, precious or not you learn to guard it as yours but are never exhausted to recount it to those who are eager to hear about it.

The story becomes fascinating to the prying ears particularly when there are no witnesses to the event other then you and your mate, and the officiating individuals. These are choices to what could have been a perfect and choreographic wedding where the groom and bride would have walked down the isle to a ticketed parade of rice throwing and cheer spectators and oh ya!…to an exhausted bank account. Unconventional or not, whatever makes your fancy!


One thought on “The Wedding March

  1. Take my advice, everyone — don’t get married! Be free and roam the world, having adventures — but, don’t get married!

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