Pontifice Pope Benedict XVI, please!

pope_benedict_xviFirstly, I would like to indicate that this piece is not intended to offend anyone but to illustrate the pretense, absurdity and implication of a statement.

Who better than me to address this issue? In earnest, my upbringing and propinquity propels me to and under the circumstances, it is academic; I speak with authority when I say: Mr. Pope what’s up; yeah, what’s up?

Perhaps, this is not the moment (it is Easter season after all) to thump my religion, yes I am a practicing catholic, and it is not my goal either but when I heard the latest from Pope Benedict XVI, I was left speechless and to ask, with all due respect Sir where is your sense of responsibility?

By virtue you are the leader of a religion, the Roman Catholic Church, an institution of specific core beliefs and values, idealized and followed and revered by many whom by all accounts sees you as man of great statue; hence, with the moral obligation to be choosy and parsimonious considering that your words, carries a lot of clout and weight.

My blood rose up and my head spun and I clung when I heard about the Pope’s latest toss; this time about AIDS and condoms.

Did I hear him right? Can someone please shoot me a pill if I am equivoqued, because I may need to be sterilized; no, not like that. I mean, the beat has been drumming for a while and the libretto traveling along, hand in hand, in concert raging the pot of doubters, rolling slowly, carving the mountain and band aiding the cracks of ignorance; a slew of work much fermented to the level where the world is today with this malady, and there he was.

Did he just say that the “use of condom actually will not solve AIDS?” C’mon Mr. Pope. This is me, your prodigal kid, born and raised, baptized and first, second and third communion completed; this is me, the daughter of a die-hard catholic couple – my mom attends church every single day; this is me, the one and only who until yesterday thought you were it; this is me, who still fasts prior to attending mass and this your response.

C’mon Mr. Pope, sorry, no insult here but you can’t know better; how could you but where is your sense of responsibility?

To be honest with you, I am confused; really I am confused because in one hand you advocate that all life are created equal; that life is precious and important and we should always value it regardless of its stages – hint, hint no abortion and no contraception; yet, you are telling millions not to give much credence to life after all by abstaining from using condoms. I mean how else can I file your statement or should I see you as one  mastermind grandstander and promoter of a brand, yourself. I mean whatever else is there to decipher?

Here you are pointing to the suffering humans that the biggest sin they committed was to have sex and worst gift they gave themselves, was to wear condoms. The fact that was even suggested and implied makes me pause.

This is really the message being disseminated to the world that the so-called plastic device they have been using to protect their wellbeing; that many have been advocating and professing to reduce the spread of the infectious disease, will not in any way, shape or form solve AIDS, I don’t know. Hum, it may not solve it but it may help right? Basically and with all due respect, you are indicating that people have the carte blanche to make a down payment or a lay-a-way plan on a burial plot. I mean, (I really love this word, I am meaning a lot) what in the world Mr. Pope!

On your way to Africa this week, a continent where manhood is measured by how they “have to feel” their mate; how a man is considered a man by how many women he can bang and how many children he can produce; this is a continent where a man is considered “supreme” virile by the power of his manhood; this is a continent where casual sex is considered a hobby, an activity; this is a continent where you do not make love, you have sex with as many random partners as you can obtain; this is a continent that has been immensely ravaged by the disease where daughters and sons are not being raised by mommies and daddies but grandmas, a disseminated generation totally obliterate but you unceremoniously put down the much advancements that have sustained the same policy you are deploring; it is besides me.

It is bad enough that organizations are fighting, promising anything and everything possible to convince the doubters and worriers that condom will protect them, and just now that they are breaking down barriers, making inroads, you throw them a lollipop. How irresponsible!

‘”You can’t resolve it with the distribution of condoms,” the pope told reporters aboard the Alitalia plane heading to Yaoundé. “On the contrary, it increases the problem.”’ Speaking with authority of one who knows best and has a handle on the situation, his answer to the equation that “the responsible and moral attitude toward sex would help fight the disease.” You are joking right? Mr. Pope, don’t get me started. Why doesn’t he inject all the money that has been paid out to victims of sexual molestation into aiding his cause? I mean, we would have enough money to buy out a country and make it wholesome.

Obviously, you really do not understand, you have no idea what it means to have a combustive reaction Pontifice. This is what feels like when two sexual insatiated bodies’ fluids fuse and catch on fire; they burst out.

It is bad enough that all come to a screeching halt when the bell rings in the middle of one good tango (%$*&6$) and you are reminded to pull up the goods; now you decry us with one more slogan; have an honest attitude towards sex – reject the use of condoms against artificial contraception and fidelity in marriage and abstinence from premarital sex as key weapons in the fight against AIDS. Yeah, I can just see it, starving souls waiting in line to get a dose of an antidote of moral value; lifeless souls on a moribund marriages abstaining from infidelity; ok, whatever you say Mr. Pope, try that elsewhere. I guess you really haven’t been living in the 21st century. God if only my mother could hear me. As Bristol Palin said, preaching abstinence does not work. We all have physiological needs; it is how we approach it that can be the subject of individual discussion.


The DDD’s of the AIG Fiasco!

Weasels as David Letterman often refers to those, well, weasels, persons he considers malicious, devious and hooligans. What ever else to call the AIG executives? What ever else to call people with no souls?

How greedy can one be not to realize that their unintelligent action would spit hot effervescent reaction, cause an outrage? I mean, I finally got it after the Fed Chair Ben Bernanke interview on “60 minutes” last Sunday that you are too big to let crash. Conclusion, you needed to be saved; I kind understood that much until this.

Apparently, you not only subsidize national but also worldwide companies. Just as we would feel the pinch so would other countries; well, they are already feeling but it would have been more exciting. Imagine the trickled down effect, perhaps, shutting down the critics?!

Now that it was determined that they, being the government, would not let you go down under, the issue then became about where to obtain the needed cash to keep you afloat until you find your bearings – sound a tad dysfunctional to me. It is not like money was lying around somewhere and you could just borrow from. It is not like they could push your trash aside; it is not like they could just award you to another company. Most of the companies are in the same predicament as you,perhaps, even worse so there was no chance of that.

So here comes the almighty government that by all accounts should not be salvaging your asses, or anyone else for that matter, with taxpayers money, concatenated a plan – they have been taking heat and spanking from every side over the decision – to bail you out (many people have expressed dismay and regrets). And how do you repay them, us by quietly slipping the money into your own pockets. Holly smokes, that’s stealing! We are not talking about thousands here folks but millions. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven zeros, plus whatever comes with it.

What, you did not think we would find out! You decided to pay you first and did not think we would have this kind of response?  How dare you? Really, how dare you? Did you really think people would just sit still and not be outraged and resentful by it?  The hell with everyone else right?! The hell with the rescue, the hell with wrecking the company, the hell with rewarding yourselves for your own failures; the hell with everyone else who is just trying to make hands meet; the hell with those who are just trying to make a little extra cash.

Did you really believe the taxpayers, some who have lost their jobs and are suffering, and being affected by the crises would comprehend your little indiscretion? If you thought so then, I don’t really know what you have been smoking. If you did not think so then you are as stupid as the government for having rescued you but they had no choice; they were thinking about applying patches to an open wound; they were trying to stabilize the damage you incurred.


Where is your sense of decency, of tact?

C’mon, you went out of a limb to ask the government for money to rescue your behind from the dumper and what do you do? You swindled us, ripped us off by giving yourselves bonus, how cheese! You sound just like Ruth Madoff who believes she has just as any right to keep “her” money, as the “injured” investors happened to be defrauded of theirs. Really? Do you really have any rights to that money Mrs. Madoff?

My answer to this is, just as Ruth’s face is everywhere someone should also plaster yours, AIG executives. Taxing you is also good but I would give you ten days to voluntarily return the money, signed contract or not. Take it as your civic duty. Imagine, you could even come out a hero; otherwise, your pictures will be released.


What a shame; how dishonest, disgusting and disconcerting!

Wicked Dish; Just Chatting!


04:54 PM
i am turning into one noisy b and i don’t like it
why do you thing that…?
curiosity killed the cat
cause i asked the dude all of these ?s
and it is not me
well, as long as they’re not “personal” or “intimate” questions, then it’d be creepy
to get into someone’s private issues
maybe you’re just a gossip queen…?
no i am not and i hate it
but sometimes it’s good
but the conversation just came up yesterday
and today she showed up
oh well who cares
i mean, how many times have you gone out with everyone from the dept and
found out information through them…? and now that you’ve stopped going to
lunch, you don’t know what’s going on…?
exactly, who cares! if it was an issue for him, he wouldn’t have told her to come
by the office
that’s true but not personal issues and i  am actually asking
that’s true
well, it’s good that you found out where she was from, because if he didn’t tell
you about her and just introduced you,  you would have been like, “wow, I’ve never seen such pale skin and blonde hair on any local girl”….
you are so bad
she looks siberian like siberiannnn
hey, if local girls looked like that, then I would propably have gone to the
islands to find me a girl.
siberian like siberiannnn…?? What does that even mean…?
like she was ready to wrestle a grizzly bear…?
siberiannnn like that…?
that’s it
or fight a cougar…?
but not a brown bear, right…?
not even a black bear
maybe white bear…
and she’d be riding it…
white bear and they go on the mountain and get dirty
holding a sword and a shield and wearing a viking hat, sort of like in those old vodka
i don’t believe i am listening to this
5:05 PM
i better stop it
we better stop
yeah, I don’t know what you’re talking about…
not p correct
nothing I’ve said, maybe you
if you know what I mean
no… actually I don’t
hee hee hee
lord hv mercy you r terrible
bad, bad, bad person
don’t say that. I’m going to leave…!
Jesus loves me…!
you’re the one who’s paying penance to church
you are committing a sin
singing and praying for all the wicked things you’ve done
lord have mercy on your soul
i’ll pray to jesus for you. i’ll ask him to have compassion on you.
i am just shaking my head
Jesus doesn’t like that
no comment
no comment? You? Lord???
5:10 PM
yes, there’s only so much I can do with jesus jokes before I fear I’ll be punished
but God is not someone to be feared. he is a loving God, a happy God, a God with a sense of humor
a God I can joke around with, like a friend
that’s why he likes me
are you preaching?
no, I’m just convincing myself that God loves me.
despite how horrible a person I may have been
maybe he laughs at my jokes, too
i am laughing, isn’t that good?

You left the chat by logging out or being disconnected