Wicked Dish; Just Chatting!


04:54 PM
i am turning into one noisy b and i don’t like it
why do you thing that…?
curiosity killed the cat
cause i asked the dude all of these ?s
and it is not me
well, as long as they’re not “personal” or “intimate” questions, then it’d be creepy
to get into someone’s private issues
maybe you’re just a gossip queen…?
no i am not and i hate it
but sometimes it’s good
but the conversation just came up yesterday
and today she showed up
oh well who cares
i mean, how many times have you gone out with everyone from the dept and
found out information through them…? and now that you’ve stopped going to
lunch, you don’t know what’s going on…?
exactly, who cares! if it was an issue for him, he wouldn’t have told her to come
by the office
that’s true but not personal issues and i  am actually asking
that’s true
well, it’s good that you found out where she was from, because if he didn’t tell
you about her and just introduced you,  you would have been like, “wow, I’ve never seen such pale skin and blonde hair on any local girl”….
you are so bad
she looks siberian like siberiannnn
hey, if local girls looked like that, then I would propably have gone to the
islands to find me a girl.
siberian like siberiannnn…?? What does that even mean…?
like she was ready to wrestle a grizzly bear…?
siberiannnn like that…?
that’s it
or fight a cougar…?
but not a brown bear, right…?
not even a black bear
maybe white bear…
and she’d be riding it…
white bear and they go on the mountain and get dirty
holding a sword and a shield and wearing a viking hat, sort of like in those old vodka
i don’t believe i am listening to this
5:05 PM
i better stop it
we better stop
yeah, I don’t know what you’re talking about…
not p correct
nothing I’ve said, maybe you
if you know what I mean
no… actually I don’t
hee hee hee
lord hv mercy you r terrible
bad, bad, bad person
don’t say that. I’m going to leave…!
Jesus loves me…!
you’re the one who’s paying penance to church
you are committing a sin
singing and praying for all the wicked things you’ve done
lord have mercy on your soul
i’ll pray to jesus for you. i’ll ask him to have compassion on you.
i am just shaking my head
Jesus doesn’t like that
no comment
no comment? You? Lord???
5:10 PM
yes, there’s only so much I can do with jesus jokes before I fear I’ll be punished
but God is not someone to be feared. he is a loving God, a happy God, a God with a sense of humor
a God I can joke around with, like a friend
that’s why he likes me
are you preaching?
no, I’m just convincing myself that God loves me.
despite how horrible a person I may have been
maybe he laughs at my jokes, too
i am laughing, isn’t that good?

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2 thoughts on “Wicked Dish; Just Chatting!

  1. riding a white bear, sword, sheild and viking hat- that is hot! no man can deny that. if i ever have a van I’m going to get that airbrushed on the side!

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