Would The Real Miss America Please Stand UP?

So, Miss California keeps her crown; big deal, great news, the world is coming to an end and she just discovered the vaccine for H1N1 flu epidemic.

The fact of the matter is that Carrie Prejean has the right to speak her mind. She has the right to exercise her free speech. For all I know she could be screaming Bloody Mary and I would not care one bit. It is the hypocrisy that rattles me! Really, it is it I can’t stand.

It seems that the latest pop culture news is that the second runner up on the Miss America contest (hello you came in SECOND??) who to no fault of her – Perez Hilton should own it and eat frog – was thrust into public eye and became an instant celebrity. She decided to, like many others before her, be a poster girl to everything virtue, everything moral, everything do as say but don’t do as I do. Good, that’s not the point under discussion; this is not what makes the lizard tiptoe in the rain.

My issue with the five-minute messengers is that they are superciliously oblivious to their own dismisses. They seem to forget that their closets may be as full of worms metamorphosing into butterflies as most persons. They need not to pretend to be so innocent, ingenuous to it all when they also leave wet crushed cockroach trail.  I mean, once you decide to be out there and take a stance on moral values, you better be “pure”, squeak clean as the next fish ready to be cooked. Don’t expect to get much sympathy when the going goes south.

What I don’t get is the irresponsibility of not owning it; the pointing of the fingers to everyone but them; the need to indict someone else as being imperfect when they also have flaws; the need to excommunicate those who are “less pure then I” from the face of this earth; the entitlement that “I live and you should die” philosophy; the I deserve the right to vilify you because you are nauseating; the thought that I am the angel in God’s eye and you are evil. Isn’t that self serving to a degree? Isn’t that you are more opportunistic that others?

It is Carrie Prejean indicating that literarily gay people have no rights and yet you are so pure that you needed breast implants. You are so pure that you took racy nude pictures and pointed the fingers at the photographer who snapped the photos – he did not drag you to take the pictures dear.

It is Rush Limbaugh mocking Michael J. Fox that he is not sick, he is pretending to tremor to call people’s attention. You are so pure that you are a drug user but never went to jail while someone else in the same predicament would be rotting in hell for the same charge.

It is Mel Gibson preaching about God and religion. You are so pure that you are divorcing after 30 years of marriage when your religion is vehemently against it.

It is Bristol Palin getting pregnant when teenager and is now preaching abstinence to kids. No comment needed.

It is like my good friend who preaches about God and morality and yet, the whole family has been married and remarried, and she wears mini skirts shorter that my kitchen curtains.

It is those preaching for better earth, the environment, driving a Hammer.

What a great role models they are. I mean, where are they buying their blinders from because I surely would like to do the same?

People when you decide to be a spokesperson, think of the product you are endorsing and your rap sheet. Be responsible of things and accept that you are human and can make mistakes. You are not a delicate flour. Don’t be shoving your Puritanism on people’s armpit just because you think you are better than your next-door neighbor when you are tainted as the next person on the street.

It is the insincerity, and the dishonesty that strangles me. Move away Miss California; the mail has been delivered and we all got it. Would the real Miss America please stand up?


One thought on “Would The Real Miss America Please Stand UP?

  1. “makes the lizard tiptoe through the rain”… ??? I love it!

    anyhow — who among us can say, “not I?” No one. We all screw up. We all shoot off our mouths. Like I heard someone say not too long ago — while you are ranting and complaining about someone else and what they are doing, you will most likely be doing something, yourself — before nightfall.

    We haz met the enemy– and they are us!

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