Look At What The Rain Brings!

I found her attempting to cross the T-shaped intersection that leads to my home. She had been roaming around the neighborhood. I was afraid she would be run over by a car so I made sure I monitored her every move.


She firstly walked parallel, east to west, and than crossed over to the other side of the street north to south. In the meantime, there came mother duck and her ducklings swiftly crossing the streets without a care in the world as if she was late to Macys Memorial Day Sale. As far as she knew, the world was hers and she didn’t give a rat’s ass about it. So, there she went in a flash, unapologetic.


In the interim, I stopped any car that got too close and waved to others to slow down. I wanted to lift her up to safety but wasn’t brave enough. I caved but I am glad she safely crossed to the other side. It only took 10 minutes but I was relieved.


I was wondering where she was going but apparently she knew better than I. She leisurely crawled towards the lake and disappeared into the water. My only disappointment that she retracted her head into her shell ounce I got too close.


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