Congressman Joe Wilson, a hero or a thug?

If there was ever an example that the Republican Party is out of control and cannot help themselves, this guy epitomizes it. His mama and his children must be proud of him tonight. What a disgrace! Even when opposing Bush, the Democrats not once behaved as such. They maintained their composure and civility. Calling the President a liar just because he is calling you out is rude, improper. Well, just because you are wearing a suit it does not mean you have class either.

What to expect from a guy who used to be an aid to Strom Thurmond?

Obama has been called socialist, communist, Nazi, worse then Castro, palling around with terrorists and any type of word unhumanly possible while loudly, “the pushers”, accentuating that they are not being racist. Yet, they carry guns to the rallies where the President is giving a major speech while excusing the Fifth Amendment, and still claiming that he is an “alien, he was not born in this country”; it is unconstitutional, the courts must investigate.

The 45% who did not vote for him, granted not all but a majority, cannot help but spew their preposterousness. They are still in denial, not accepting and must be banging their heads right now for the simple fact that a black man is their President. Yes, I can hear some of my friends disagreeing with me but the viciousness and the craziness proves otherwise.

People get over it; he is here to stay for the next four years! You will have your chance than. Start counting the days, hours and minutes. A President is a President and you should respect his office regardless of who he is. We are in America, not in England, or Singapore, or South Korean or any other country where this idiocy is permitted. What a good portrayal of family values.

Apologies not accepted! I am wodering when the mia culpa talkshow circuit round will begin.

You can take someone out of the ghetto but you cannot take the ghetto out of the person.