Nutty David Letterman!

Who ever said that David Letterman was boring? Who ever said that no one would find him attractive? What would possess a person with everything going for him to extort money from another?  Mr. Halderman you didn’t think David would react? You did not think he would turn the table and call the police on you? You did not think he would prefer to ruin his reputation other than having you or anyone else eat him for a meal?

Mr. Halderman in the age of 24 hrs news cycle, blogosphere and paparazzi, yes that was the best thing Mr. Letterman ever did in his life. He was smart to take matters into his own hand before it became breaking news or National Enquirer, Star, US Magazine or any other tabloid magazine got a hold of it.  He did it in his own term, neither lie nor use subterfuge; he attacked it full throttle. He controlled it and his misdeed did not become a punching line for gossip. Sorry NY Post how you could have missed that one.

I do not expect to see him doing an all arond mia culpa round table (well, he will be appearing on the CBS Sunday Morning show today) neither believe there were that many other women. But hold on a minute there; as private man as he is, he had to be dating “inside”. How else he was going to pick up women? Then again what to expect from a long lost bachelor. The dude is 62 years old and just got married 7 months ago after dating the same woman for 22 years. Hummm…

I was wondering what ever happened to Stephanie Birkitt, she is the girl in the picture, since she disappeared from the face of this earth; she and Ruper, (I miss her sketches) to only surface under these circumstances.

So there not even a saint is safe anymore. Just keep your little tail in between your… and you will be fine. I am still with you however Dave but no excuses, you are still a dog. Like you said, I guess you have sex after all.


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