In Search Of Made In The USA : Day 1

It was Memorial Day weekend and sales, sales, sales everywhere. So, what a girl to do other then go shopping.

I looked through both designer and non designer garments but as I was picking through each, something snapped. I was hit by lightning.

It suddenly down on me that every piece of cloth I was touching, was “not born here”, they were all “foreigner”, of a different nationality. I could not find one piece made in… Hawaii or Alaska or Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands. They were all confectionated somewhere else.

This is my quest to find a garment somewhere, somehow Made In The USA. Hopefully, it will be a easy search. Hopefully, I will find it tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be able to find it before year’s end. I am going on a scavenger hunt for that one garment. And the search begins!

Made in Vietnam

Made in China

Made in Vietnam

Made in India

Made in Indonesia


Watercooler Heart-to-Heart : Office Bathroom


Three women rushing to the stalls…

A – You know what, I don’t like to iron at all. I let the drying cycle to the work and if doesn’t come to par, I remove it and put it right back in the dryer.

B – I don’t care what anyone says on how I look but I don’t buy anything else other then wrinkle free clothes. Who wants to spend time ironing?!

C – I hear you. Listen, I don’t know about you but I don’t iron for anyone at all; not for my husband, not for my kids, not to anyone and I don’t care. I don’t iron for me why would I do it for them? I have to much to do.

B – I bought a steamer and it is hanging somewhere because it is not working properly. It warms up sometimes and others… who knows what it does. Maybe, I am doing something wrong but… it better work work because I paid buckaroo for it.


Really?! Did she sprinkle some water, soften the fabric a bit before sticking it right back in the dryer? Humm… dried baked apparel, way to go.

Not buying anything other than wrinkle free clothe? No way, seriously?! Silk does a body good, if you can afford it and make you feel good.

Ironing is a shore for some and it can be a form of relaxation. So go for it as you will look pretty and dandy when you wear your non wrinkle free clothe!

Urban Beach Weekend In Miami Beach

Had no idea what it was until I stumbled upon it two years ago. The pictures speak for themselves!

Bikes, bikes everywhere

People everywhere, ready for a good time!

The Rides

The Rides II

…and the people who like to take pictures with them

What is a party without the ladies!

Huh?! Yeah, that is a bikini…

Oh yeah there was time for a little R&R

Why not?! Tattoo on the go!

Let’s not forget the occasion. It was Memorial Day weekend after all

Remembering the men and women who died…