In Search Of Made In The USA : Day 1

It was Memorial Day weekend and sales, sales, sales everywhere. So, what a girl to do other then go shopping.

I looked through both designer and non designer garments but as I was picking through each, something snapped. I was hit by lightning.

It suddenly down on me that every piece of cloth I was touching, was “not born here”, they were all “foreigner”, of a different nationality. I could not find one piece made in… Hawaii or Alaska or Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands. They were all confectionated somewhere else.

This is my quest to find a garment somewhere, somehow Made In The USA. Hopefully, it will be a easy search. Hopefully, I will find it tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be able to find it before year’s end. I am going on a scavenger hunt for that one garment. And the search begins!

Made in Vietnam

Made in China

Made in Vietnam

Made in India

Made in Indonesia


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