Watercooler Heart-to-Heart : Office Bathroom


Three women rushing to the stalls…

A – You know what, I don’t like to iron at all. I let the drying cycle to the work and if doesn’t come to par, I remove it and put it right back in the dryer.

B – I don’t care what anyone says on how I look but I don’t buy anything else other then wrinkle free clothes. Who wants to spend time ironing?!

C – I hear you. Listen, I don’t know about you but I don’t iron for anyone at all; not for my husband, not for my kids, not to anyone and I don’t care. I don’t iron for me why would I do it for them? I have to much to do.

B – I bought a steamer and it is hanging somewhere because it is not working properly. It warms up sometimes and others… who knows what it does. Maybe, I am doing something wrong but… it better work work because I paid buckaroo for it.


Really?! Did she sprinkle some water, soften the fabric a bit before sticking it right back in the dryer? Humm… dried baked apparel, way to go.

Not buying anything other than wrinkle free clothe? No way, seriously?! Silk does a body good, if you can afford it and make you feel good.

Ironing is a shore for some and it can be a form of relaxation. So go for it as you will look pretty and dandy when you wear your non wrinkle free clothe!


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