Blue Moon

Let’s rejoice as the next blue moon won’t occur until July 2015.


Oh Brother Where Art Thou

Some of us still remember, used or/and held a funeral for a Brother typewriter. I had one before getting a PC and I swear I was in heaven. I can recall the number of term papers I typed in that old machine, the feeling I got once a saw the completed paper. Tap tap tap… ding… zzzzzzip… Today, they are memories, most sitting idle in many museums or people’s living room across the world.

That was ages ago before Mac’s and iPads began clogging our lives. Today, we are remote, traveling far and in between without leaving our chairs.

I don’t know what became of my machine, can’t remember. I must have given it to someone or the Salvation Army. I often make trips to the donations tracks and must have left it there.

Floppy disk drives, those were the days…

I thought the days were over when I would see one again but fate had it otherwise.  I run into one during a church garage sell and went crazy. I was ecstatic, on high, like I kid in a candy store.

I began snatching pictures back and forth as if I had spotted George Clooney. But no, it was just an old Brother typewriter, sitting on the counter, waiting to find its place in a garage sell.

Someone must have decided to let go of their prized possession. My hope is that it is in good hands and whoever bought it, is able to treasure it as much and for long as the previous owner. It is a jewel after all, vintage and one of the few items I spotted still carrying the “Made In USA” logo. One man’s trash is indeed another man’s treasure.