RIP Wonder bread, Twinkies…

Dear Hostess, I am a sad individual today. You took away something from me and I won’t be able to recover. You took away my wonder and twinkie and I am peeved.

I will forever remember the Wonder bread. It made my day in college. It was my life, my friend, my peep. It was my soul. It helped me through the good and bad times, the snow and the rain, sleepless nights at the “drowning in books before the finals”, night at the movies until the popcorn did me a favor and replaced it. No, not at the theater but at home. I was attached to the hips to it.

There were times when cooking was nonexistent; so, I grabbed me a Wonder bread, dripped it in butter, cheese, some veggie and made me a sandwich. It made me whole.

Twinkies, Ho-Hos, hum, nope. We just never clicked. We were never friends, not even a girl friend, not even acquaintances. Therefore, there were no reason to mingle and as much as I am sad to see you and your peeps go, I am this much sad to see people losing their jobs in this economy. So, I hope some company comes to your rescue and make you a part of us again, even if they rename you.  So, long Wonder bread, Twinkies and their peeps. So long peeps. Until we see you again if we ever see you. May you have a beautiful and enjoyable life with other products that have also gone into lala land… Ding Dongs?! Oh no!


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