What Are They Doing To Good Ole Saint Nicholas?

IMG_0436Santa Claus may be rolling on his grave. Oh wait. He is not really dead. He is a make-believe dude living in our fantasies who goes around homes every 24 months or so delivering gifts to a less suspecting crowd, kids. Yes, it is my story and I am sticking to it.

IMG_0437Yeah, it is his legs alright but was there a need to scare the beegees out of us? Huh, no. Fool me. I can just imagine. It could potentially spell nightmare to a little kid. Seriously, isn’t there a better decor? The vehicle is probably upset at its owner. Which car wants to have an old dude two legs hanging behind his tail during Christmas?

Poor Santa. He had no say on this one. Could not even offer a gift, oops bribery. He must have been tired from delivering all those gifts around the hood and without help… Mama mia, where is the reindeer when you need it anyway?


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