Me And Beyonce!

This is how life works. I planned to attend Art Basel that occurred in Miami on the weekend of Dec 5 to 7th on Saturday night but the traffic was horrendous. Normally, I wouldn’t mind. Patience would kick in. I would drive around until I found that perfect spot but not on that night. I had other plans later in the night that had me driving north about an hour and half to another county and I was not about to be late. So, we left the madness.

IMG_8934We returned on Sunday and found that the traffic leading to the island was no picnic either. It was a mess. Being it the last day, there were art lovers everywhere but since we were there early, finding a parking space was a breeze.

Once inside the convention center, we visited most of the galleries represented but one or two.

IMG_9040We had an awesome time and for a minute there, could not find the exit. We walked  around in circles for a few minutes until we came in contact with the door where we entered. We were about to leave when we came across her. Yes, Beyonce. Although the picture is a tad fuzzy but you can see her.

I went gaga and not completely celebrity crazy but a tad starstruck when I saw her. I  nervously began snapping some pictures but was disappointed that the bodyguard came straight up to me asking me to stop. I complied. I understand. She was not on an official visit but personal. So, much space was needed and given. I guess most people were understanding and did not hound her either.

IMG_9041She was there with most of the family, mother, sister Solange, Kelly and others but husband and daughter. My impression of her? She was gracious, much light skinned and skinner then I thought, always smiling. Her bodyguard? Very tall and cute, handsome. Kelly, very skinny and beautiful and Solange, her natural beauty always transcending. It was a pleasure even though it was only for a few minutes.


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