Amore Dinner – A little Ikea On All Of Us

img_0914From IKEA Elly dish towel to awesome aprons, an introduction to our Amore Dinner!

In preparation to a ten day choir pilgrimage to Italy, our Choir held an Italian Dinner party at the Church Parish wall. Let’s face it, we are not event planners but after this one event, we matter as well be. The dinner came out without a stitch and we have none other then ourselves to pat on the back. Job well done!

img_0757The theme was Amore and amore it was: cozy, warm, festive…

We were all “professionals”. So, we had “ushers”, “waiters”, “servers”, “bartenders” and “a band”. We had it all and we had fun.

We needed uniform, cohesiveness, consistency; so, we decided to tweak the IKEA Elly dish towel into handsome aprons. What a concept huh? Voila!

img_0659Step one: Do it yourself.

img_0664Step Two: Help others.

img_0663Step Three: Strike a pose. Smile. Everyone looked beautiful.


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