Knucklehead Of The Week

20130607_125459Now, this one falls right there in the category of What Were You Thinking or Things I Would Not Be Caught Doing. Yes, it does but this South Florida and all bets are off. Nothing comes as a surprise.

No, I am no paparazzi nor play one on TV but just can’t understand this as often as it happens to the frustration of many. Even if in a hurry, I would have parked my car in a corner somewhere, away from the traffic or wait a few seconds, perhaps God was telling him something like, “if you leave now you may break your leg if you leave right at this moment…”, but Mr did not care. He wasn’t listening. He left his car right there, blocking everyone. Touche! Forget about the person who wanted to exit. Forget about the person who wanted to pass. Forget about the person who wanted to park.

20130607_125527And the honking session begins. Who is listening?

20130607_125601Then suddenly he is out, without a care in the world, not even an apology.

20130607_125604Gets into his car and drives away. Happy Friday to you too Mr.!


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