One Plain Yucky Day!

980576_10201163992120378_1825894827_oLord, give me the strength to deal with this crazy weather and wisdom to know the difference that it is mother nature doing her thing. It is summer after all and we are supposed to get rain often but now, I am not even going to say please because you overstayed your graces. Yes, the lawn is smiling but soaking wet. The grass covered in butterflies, lizards, bees, spiders hanging from afar – yes far, is getting so high that it screams, help me, help me. So we, united in the same common ground, delightfully urges the rain to hit the road, just pack up and go for a few days, give us sometime to breathe. We love you, we need you but it has been days. We need to see the sun because it is just plain yucky!


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