On The Road To Venice

IMG_4925Like a clock, right after going through customs, we were greeted by a representative of Peter’s Way Tours Inc, the agency that made all the arrangements, “Buongiorno, Benvenuti”. Yeehh, rejoice we are in Italy! “Grazie”, we replied all at ounce. Trust me, we had took classes, bought tapes so we could master that perfect italian; oops, yeah right, I mean the perfect Italian not to get lost and stay lost!

The gentleman checked all our names against his list, if the passports checked and handed us over our name tags. Surreal, I have been to a few countries in my lifetime but never in a pilgrimage and it did not feel “like a tourist” until I was had that badge on my neck. To say that we were intoxicated, ecstatic, euphoric to be there is understatement.

IMG_3185Hooray, we have arrived.

It was exciting, I mean, you say Italy and you hear fashion, well aside its history, exhilarating to walk through the terminal and experience Italian fashion from the get go.

The agency representative directed us to a waiting bus right outside of the terminal that took us to a different side of the airport and few minutes later, we were boarding another plane to Venice.


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