The Message Today Is Gratitude

IMG_0642AThank you are two words that should always be said when we wake up in the morning and before we go to bed. Thank you for having had a wonderful day regardless of how dreadful the day was, thank you for having lived another day and talk about it.

Saying thank you is not a fixture of your imagination. It is the heartfelt gesture that should always utter your contentment, appreciation for whatever you received or given. The reciprocal act of kindness that dignifies those who practices it. It is joy, conviction and love. It is the feel good moment of indescribable appreciation for understanding, care, patience, fellowship, smile, children, grandchildren, family and enemies…ok, let’s not push it.

Saying thank you is to appreciate the job well done, friendship, support. It is not and should never be a chore or reward for a job well done. It should always be an automatic response of gratitude to even the minuscule act of things.

So while you are at it, say thank you for absolutely anything and everything. Thank you world. Thank you nature. Thank you life. Thank you Lord. Thank you mom and dad. Thank you sister and brother. Thank you granda and grandpa. Thank you nieces and nephews. Thank you my hero. Thank you professor. Thank you neighbor. Thank you! Thank you to whatever brings you joy, whatever makes you happy. Thank you, you are blessed!


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