Happy International Women’s Day!

20131116_175548Who is she?

She is my sister, my mother, my friend
my body and my homie!
She is my true blood
my main squeeze.

She is the one who knows,
the one who understands, well…
at least she pretends
for a day, an hour, minute and second
for weeks gone down.

With a full force of a speeding train,
a hurricane
she marches in with a vengeance
at whatever and whenever,
and stays in
even if not invited.

She is your good friend
a sincere agent
day and night
without a price.

She does not judge but
listens intensively
and does not blame
just praises.

She does not interrupt but
is always there, ready for the next round.
She does not instruct and never hangs up – the
phone, there is.
She always remembers
your address
your birthday
your celebrations.
She always stays in touch
is the first to arrive
the last to leave
always there!

She is my sister, my mother, my friend
my partner, my cousin, my aunt, my grandma;
she is my body, my homie, my sista
she is my true blood and
true self!
She is a woman and a friend!

©Angela Aguiar



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