Happiness Is Contagious

20140315_153657“Hello Medina, how are you? Haven’t seen you in a long time.”
“How are you my dear. Still around, always at 9:30 mass.”
“You look lovely… with your hibiscus again?! You must have a big tree in your backyard.”
“Not that big. I have some, my friends send me some and others I get from people. They know I wear them and they just give them to me.”
“Yeah, I don’t recall ever seeing you without one.”
“Oh yeah, it has been thirty one years.
“Thirty one years you have been wearing one? Seriously?!”
“Yes, since my husband’s passing.”
“Yes. I always have one when I step out of my door. Never forget it.”
“Glad you are doing well. Nice seeing you again Medina.”
“Nice seeing you too. I will see you around.”
“Take care!”

No, she is not from Hawaii. She is Jamaican, Chinese Jamaican and the nicest person I ever met.


UN International Day of Happiness

Today is the United Nation’s second International Day of Happiness. Yes, you heard it, Happiness.

Laugh. Cry. Jump. Crawl. Kiss. Love. Sleep. Happy. Rejoice. Hooray. Yahooooo!

Celebrate the day by being happy. Happy about your life regardless of its current state, ugly or bad, rich or poor in spirit, miserable or joyous. Celebrate by being thankful to all who are precious to you, who surround, move and inspire you. Celebrate by thanking the birds on their nests, flowers in the gardens, the river running through, the rocks in the mountain, cars in the highway, bad hair day, the sky. Celebrate your family, yesterday, today and future friendships, appreciate your life’s partnerships. Celebrate the Lord’s presence. Celebrate your girlfriends. Celebrate your husband’s and boyfriend’s. Celebrate you. Go about the day by saying Thank You for being here. Thank You for being alive. Thank You for being you. Make a point to be happy for the sake of Happiness. Make a point to be happy for the sake of life’s worth. Make a point to be here in the presence and the moment. Make a point to do at least for one day, what you wish and desire. Make a point to be beautiful inside and out. Make a point to be happy for others yesterday, today and tomorrow no matter the circumstances. Make a point to just make a point and celebrate. Make a point to be happy for humanity. Make a point to be you. Remember, happiness is the key because you are happy!