Happiness Is Contagious

20140315_153657“Hello Medina, how are you? Haven’t seen you in a long time.”
“How are you my dear. Still around, always at 9:30 mass.”
“You look lovely… with your hibiscus again?! You must have a big tree in your backyard.”
“Not that big. I have some, my friends send me some and others I get from people. They know I wear them and they just give them to me.”
“Yeah, I don’t recall ever seeing you without one.”
“Oh yeah, it has been thirty one years.
“Thirty one years you have been wearing one? Seriously?!”
“Yes, since my husband’s passing.”
“Yes. I always have one when I step out of my door. Never forget it.”
“Glad you are doing well. Nice seeing you again Medina.”
“Nice seeing you too. I will see you around.”
“Take care!”

No, she is not from Hawaii. She is Jamaican, Chinese Jamaican and the nicest person I ever met.


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