Happy Passover!

Haggadah and Seder Plate

Haggadah and Seder Plate

Yes, as an inquisitive and spiritual person, I strive to know, learn and understand others’ cultures, habits, religions, way of life and existence. Passover is one of these things. I have heard of it, and like many, I was clueless about it. My lack of knowledge only made me wonder more but the information I got was not enough to beat my curiosity. I was not satisfied. I wanted to experience it, be there, be present at the ceremony, feel it.

20140401_192953I have a handful of Jews friends, many are non practicing, so the possibility of me being invited to the Judaic ritual, was this much, zilch, well at the present time however. So, the minute I got the chance to experience Seder dinner, I jumped right in. I canceled my previous engagement, hop on my car and to the supermarket I went to purchase some Kosher goodies for the occasion. And there I was with pals from the Bible studies, dining Kosher meal and learning about Passover. It was an humble experience I may add, one I won’t soon forget. One thing I remember, the holiday dinner can take up to a long time and consists of holiday meals, special prayer services, abstention from work, songs, sacrifices…

Passover began today at dusk.




Boiled Eggs


Romaine Lettuce


Matzah and Horseradish








Sweet Potato


The Wine

The Wine



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