On Our Way To Venice

IMG_4935We arrived at the hotel to learn that it was too early to check in, the rooms were not yet ready. Huh, c’mon?! I mean, after an overnight flight I was ready to rock and roll, zoom up to the main stage like in rest a bit, shower, put my feet up before adventuring out into the world but nope, we had to wait somewhere in no men’s land, with not enough couches for all thirty plus individuals to crush at once and I was about to eat red pepper. That was not part of the menu and it made me growl like a Chihuahua.

After careful negotiations with the hotel folks, they allowed us to stash our luggages in a corner room and because we did not come to play or waist any time, went searching for food. While we were there, we decided to check the area, humm the stores, I mean the bargains. I wish there was something to say in that department but I am afraid there isn’t, nothing exciting to report other than it is a town and people live in it, some Moms N Paps, a supermarket, some car dealerships and that’s all folks.

IMG_4937We broke up into groups going from door to door feeling the menus around Mestre but in the end, in some odd reason, all thirty plus of us ended up at the same place. I felt sorry for the waiters at the restaurant as they were not expecting that many people, scrambled at first but managed to sit us all plus others who also invaded the restaurant for lunch. Trust me, we left happy, our bellies were full, the food was to die for.

IMG_0271We returned to the hotel, checked into our rooms, given sufficient time to powder our nose and hopped on the bus straight to the main stage, Venice.
IMG_4952It was a gray, rainy day out but we didn’t care. We were on a mission. Everything was sunny out. IMG_4953Perhaps, I should have researched Venice better, learn about it’s surroundings, history, products, what to see, where to go, be a tourist. I knew about the arts, gondolas, the islands but my mission on the trip was to enjoy as much I could, experience the trip the joy of traveling as a tourist in a tour bus, go wherever the peeps were going. Yes, basically I let someone else do the ground work for me, Amber, our beautiful tour guide and why not? So, it did come as a surprise to me, I was not aware of and yes, I should have informed myself a bit, that the area is big in seafood, particularly oysters.

I was in awe while driving towards the islands. It did not escape me as I came across a sea of oyster reefs propagating the landscape, looking like a wave of choreographed lines in the bay. It was ridiculously cool even though the day was more conducive for a funeral then a delicious trip.

IMG_4959_1IMG_4961IMG_4972_1Almost there….

IMG_4974IMG_4981_1IMG_4982Crossing the bridge into the main island

IMG_4988Arriving at Stazione Marittima!



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