It Is Earth Day!

DSC_0008It is Earth day. How are you celebrating the day? Personally, I am a recycle freak. I recycle anything and everything that can be recycled not because it is fashionable but the right thing to do.

DSC_0132This is how they do it in Geneva, one bin for each type of goodies… Pet – pet’s monkey businesses, Verre – any breakable element like in glass, Organizes Compostables – organic components like in fruits, Papier Carton – paper & cardboard, Alu fer Blanc – aluminum can, Ordures Ménagères – garbage to include everything like in electrical wire, old clocks... Yes, you do not find one tiny bit of paper or whatever on the ground, it is insanely clean. This is what I call keeping mother earth happy. I wish I could say the same about many hoods. Yes, I am pushing it and yes, clean air is always in the air in that city.



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