Hello June!


June is love. Excitement. Joy. Happiness. Inspiration.

It is a time to travel. For weddings. Family reunion and celebrations.

A time for the bride to happily smile in her divine gown, the groom to look handsome in his designer tuxedo jumping with joy on their way to altar.

It is June. It Knocks. Talks. Surrounds.

The flowers are looming, the bees hovering anxiously searching for that perfect pollen, the birds dancing in the air gathering to jam they latest tune, music is playing in every street corner, children cheerfully playing.

Hello, I am June. I am the beach. I am carnival. I am the park. I am an amusement park. I am a book. I am a game. I am the party. I am BBQ. I am the river. I am life. I am fun. I am blessed. I just stop by to say hello and remind you that summer is officially here. Hope it will be beautiful, awesome and blessed. Hope you enjoy it.




Go Whisper Go!

Eat your heart out birdy, I can do it too and on a wingsuit. Mommy, can you see me? I amĀ  having fun. 3, 2, 1… yes, I am ready. I am flying mommy… yeeehhhh!

Who said diving was for humans only? I don’t know about you but I am certainly having a beautiful Sunday morning, and this just definitely my day. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. LOVE!