And The Winner is… Germany!

10488030_948332461849268_928212581810386148_nIt is official, back to our regularly scheduled programming. The World Cup is over. Done. No more. Finito. Arrivederci.

Yes, time to breath and take it all in. The excitement is over and done with. The daily updates on your Facebook page, the constant buzzing on your phone with updates from Twitter, the euforia, the phone calls, the discussions, the blood raising moments, the list of cute players, the statistics – how many kilometers a player run on a game, really who cares… is it over yet?

So Amateurs of the game, go back to your every four year routine, stop asking too many questions and display unnecessary cheer, while we puppets will go on to our weekly rejoices and heartbreaks on the next season of our respective team’s around the world, come August and go nuts.

The withdrawal will be painful but easy I hope, and yes, the unenthusiastic Cup followers can officially breath and claim their spaces. There will be some empty nesters but rest assure, we will be back at it again in four years, God willing.

What I will remember or miss about 2014 Cup? The daily gooooallls on Univision. Brazil humiliating lost to Germany 7-1, Holland 4-1 and their lukewarmness performance ever – unheard of as long as I have been watching the sport. Portugal with Ronaldo in toe, 2010 winner Spain, and England and Rooney early departure. Tight legs and handsome faces, James Rodriguez Speedy Gonzales coming out party. Brazil’s head coach Felipao worst performance ever. Costa Rica, Colombia, Algeria, Chile, USA surprises. Tim Howard, the fortress, the beast – how can anyone forget his beyond compare performance against Germany? And the shameful Golden ball unceremoniously awarded to Messi. No comment!

Congratulations 2014 World Cup winner. The best team won! C-ya in Russia 2018



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