Cindyly Yours: Day 1

I am starting something new today. A friend, Cindy Prud’homme, was given a challenge by a friend to post three positive notes each day on her Facebook page. I found the concept brilliant and inspirational with a touch of zeal  – actually she is the second a person I know doing this. I decided to share them, with her permission off course. Let’s face it, we are all in need of a kick or two to brighten our day. How it comes, it doesn’t matter but it comes. The world would perhaps, be a better place if some of us would take time and do it often. Grateful. Blessed. Positive. Thoughtful. Write it down. Controversial or not. Funny or bad. Ugly or not. Whatever moves you. Whatever groves you. Whatever floats your boat. Let’s get started. Happiness is additive. I call the corner, Cindyly Yours.

Day 1 Post 1
I was given a challenge to post three positive posts each day. There is SO much to be happy about, and we often forget about those things in the midst of our daily struggles. For starters, I will nominate three people to do the same. Now, for the first positive message I have for this day… it has been a beautiful, perfect, Michigan summer day, and I spent it caring for the most beautiful, perfect miracle our family could be blessed with, Kennedy, who turned 2 last Wednesday and is back to her sweet, funny, loving self after a nasty, scary two weeks of being sick. She’s finally eating again, and CHOWED DOWN at the Japanese steakhouse tonight, just about cleaning an adult sized plate of fried rice, noodles, mixed veggies, and hibachi chicken. Then she came home and put away two sippy cups of almond milk and went to bed without any fuss at all. We are so very blessed!

Day 1 Post 2
The next positive thing I want to share is how much I appreciate congress passing the Affordable Care Act. As I’ve been struggling and frustrated the last week with my health insurance company playing games about a surgery I need to have, it dawns on me how many others whose need is so much greater, but they cannot fight the battle I fight because they have no insurance at all, and treatment isn’t even an option for them. More than 7 million Americans now have health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act. I am a woman of strong faith, and I know that we are charged to care for the earth, the flora, the fauna, and all those who are weaker or meeker than ourselves. Caring for each other is our responsibility, and if that makes each of us a little more burdened, so be it. I appreciate that in these times where only ME matters, we have this law that seeks to protect those who need our help.

Day 1 Post 3
Finally, the last positive message of this day. As we read the headlines that scream of poverty, a declining economy, threats from abroad, and an uneducated youth who turn to drugs, gangs, and violence instead of education, I would like to correct the record, refocus our attention, and encourage all of us to keep our eye on the ball, think rationally as I know we can, and deal in truth. This moment in our lives presents more opportunity than ever before. The stock market has been at its highest, employment is at its highest in 8 years, and our youth, the gen-y citizens are motivated by social responsibility and making the world a better place to live. It is time, and is safe to come out of the bubble. Our country is safe from enemies abroad, and 80% of terrorist attacks on U. S. soil come from our own citizens who are incited to violence by this culture of fear that certain politicians have fabricated to advance their play for money and power. We have a strong, beautiful, caring country and population. There is no shame in that, and we still have the power of our votes. We can take back our country, live in peace with one another, care for each other as we always have, and remain one nation, UNDIVIDED. But only when we follow our hearts and the values our parents raised us with, and only after we commit to reject this culture of fear and divide that our politicians have created for us. Use your head and follow the money. It’s all been a big money grab and we let it happen. Stopping it is as eady as turning out to vote and refusing to accept the lies that are told to us.


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