Picture Of The Day, Street Style


Me: Hello. Excuse-me sir, do you mind if I take your picture?
Him: No, go ahead!
(Smiling. More smiling. Smiling…)

Saw him outside of the supermarket where he works, arranging carts under the blazing sun. It wasn’t his beautiful smile, mind you he never stopped, or pleasing persona that draw me to him but his invention, the object on his head, the make-do hat.

I thought it was cute, creative, original, one of a kind, the reason why I wanted to photograph him. I mean, anything to beat the heat, protect one from UV rays even if it involves cardboard boxes cut outs, I am in.  Love it!


Hat disguise 101

Shhh, don’t try this at home. Yes, it was hot. His face says it all.

Where are my manners. Forgot to ask him for his name.


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