That Cross


I turned around and saw the helicopter hovering around, dropping leaflets. I swear it was a bird, Lord knows why. I saw it coming and asked God to tell me what was it coming for. I got a message saying that it was coming to pay its respect and be my muse, my imminent companion. I looked up the word in the dictionary and it translated to pick your cross and follow me. I thought to myself which cross if mine has been hanging on the wall and all its glory in display, shamelessly looking straight at me but nope; that cross HE pointed out to me. The one you can’t see but seem to think you have the answers and don’t. The carpet that has been rolled out especially for you. Your headaches. The pillow in your bed. The ground you walk on. The water you drink. The company you keep. It was then I realized what He was inferring to, the one I have been carrying on my shoulder when I wake up and has been my handkerchief, my cane, my walker, yeah that one! 

©️ Angela Aguiar


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