The Day is Yours

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When trekking treacherous waters, only the best survive, the ones who master the courage to fight, take up a tambourine, hop on a vehicle and learn to navigate the shenanigans du jour.

No matter how difficult and entangled the forest gets, how the tree branches appear to weaken as one gets closer to the tip, the land appears to briskly flutter the roots beneath us, one must master the will and spunk to keep striding. One should never lose focus or get discouraged by the muffled crackling sound of dry leaves on the hurried cold night but continue to walk the infinite trail, read and understand each barrier as a springboard for the one jump, and the next jump and many jumps after, one may need to cross to the other side of the river.

Yesterday has come and gone. Done. Today is here. New day, bright, inviting, attractive, gorgeous written on paper. It looks promising, buoyant, transparent, full of unscripted plays and down right fearing but have faith. Get into the drivers seat and steer the wheel. Concatenate the best dictionary of experiences you possibly can and endlessly live it. Embrace it with humility and gratitude. Exist. Pause. Live it. As the day is yours… Breathe. Pause. Live it.


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