Hummm! It Was No April’s Fool Day



The Lost Perfect Picture Moment


Why I should have carried my camera with me!

Just as I have decided to carry a small notebook – after countless of tore ‘memorable’ stripped pieces of paper (I once used bathroom tissue) and post-it note stickies, to catalog my ever so intrusive thoughts that come racing at every moment; I decided after this enthralling occurrence to at least attempt to carry a camera with me at all times; just in case. One never knows when the ever million-dollar opportunity presents itself. Lol. Keep dreaming!

Anyway, last Saturday, I was on my way to the shopping center when the traffic became a tad too heavy, unhurried for my taste. It wasn’t Sunday, so I could not understand why everybody was on their way to the church.

It was drizzling a bit, so I incurred the thought that it might have been the architect as I saw no other source for “where is everyone going” aspect. To conciliate my flustered soul, I decided to take a shortcut as always do whenever I stumble upon these occurrences. (I have yet to come across anyone who enjoys traffic jam).

Just as I turn right onto a familiar street, neighboring residential communities, leading to the shop, I spotted this figure on the sidewalk to my left, strolling hastily, as if in a hurry.

The lady was approximately 5’7” tall, skinny and exhausted, in her 50’s, wearing nerdy like big eyeglasses, pasty sneakers with blue stripes, long skirt and long sleeveless shirt – she came across like sixty’s groupie – and a plastic scarf covering her locks.

She was pulling a Labrador in her left hand and a stroller on her right. However, the thing that stroked me the most and caught my interest – it could have made one heck of a picture; there is if I was allowed to take it – was what was on the stroller. It was not a baby or perhaps groceries like some debilitated people use it for but a cute, cuddly dog. I can’t pin point the breed but it looked like a Chihuahua from a far and wait, it was wearing sunglasses. How cool!

It was amusing; the picture looked perfect. The little creature just sat there without a care in the world, as if it was a queen, enjoying the journey and whatever it was taking it. I loved it. I thought about stopping and use my cell’s camera but chose to drive away instead. It was one amazing sight, one that could have made the front page had I been able to take the picture.