Humm, It Helps to Keep Quiet Sometimes


Perhaps, if Cheney had kept his mouth shut – instead of running around like a lost goose – and shown a little more Respect to the new dude in town (hello, he holds the key now), Obama would not have laid the big one on the Bush Administration?! Hard to tell but it still is a possibility.

C’mon Cheney! What did you expect? You have been parading around the wrestling ring, criticizing Obama’s action claiming it to be disturbing and not helpful even though you knew the truth all along. That’s not the way it is done on the streets. He – Obama – can be wearing the blue tie all he wants but he is giving you a lesson on how it gets done. One take; that’s all it takes.

Dude, (someone please smack me) you can you call him a rookie all you want, imprudent, whatever comes to your mind (aren’t you cousins? I guess it does not count) but his response to your calling on his inability/inexperience is sizzling. He flips the switch and now you have been made into a scrambled egg (coincidentally that’s how I like my eggs). And for this, he is being called a flip flapper. Ok, you asked for it, now eat the egg slowly and drink orange juice. I really don’t know what your intentions were but you could have at least given the boy a year before going into the blabbing fest.

I am however, a little like Nelson Madela and the ANC – African National Congress. It is past let’s move on, bring in the reconciliation committee. On the other hand, don’t do to others what you don’t want done onto to you.

Waterboarded 183 times! Waterboarding to simulate drowning! I tell you, a current took me once, out to sea and I tell you it is not a laughing matter. It ain’t pretty. It is one scary earthquake. You see cucumber, macaroni, cheese, broccoli, everything passing before your eyes and you barely have time to grab hold of one less again eat them. You literately @^%& in your pants and when you are done back in this mother earth, you say Amen to the Almighty Jesus and plea with him not to be so wicked to you again.

You see, I smelled a rat and got very dizzy when I heard Cheney processing his lovely smirk on TV so soon. For someone who left the White House in a wheelchair, he should have stayed there and ridden into the sunset. Bush did; he has taken the high road and I applaud him.  Now, we learn that not only Cheney but also Rice approved the harsh interrogation program. Oh brother, I mean, oh sister, don’t know what to tell you. I am still gasping for air every time I think about my almost drowning experience but he dragged you into this.