A Rarity, Meet Bonita!

These days it is a relic, rare to find people who have been working in the same company for years less again for over 15.

It is no longer in vogue but I was impressed to learn of a few when I went searching for a product at our local Walmart Supercenter.

Meet Bonita, not only has she been working at the store for 19 years but she is also reading to retire in 1 1/2 years which makes her, what?! Yes, I could not believe it myself but she is.

Bonita is the nicest and an outstanding “on the go” individual l have ever met. She greets you with a smile and is always ready to go that extra mile to help her customer. Seriously, she is; at least she was kind to me and I am not even writing a recommendation letter.

I was impressed with her level of professionalism and knowledge, prompt answers to my questions then again, it comes with experience. Otherwise, she would have been out of the door and no longer working there.

She later introduced me to her other co-workers who have also been working at the same location as long as she has. The youngest however, is 7 years on the job and that was an exception, and the oldest 22.

The secret she says, they are treated right and are happy. No complains!!! And for me, it paid to go to Walmart instead of Joann Fabrics as I made a friend.


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