Casey Anthony

So, Casey Anthony was found not guilty and sentenced today. My feelings regarding the case, I really don’t have one but have an opinion about it.

I didn’t follow the trial, I didn’t watch the trial, I did not watch any of the shows on the subject, I did not read other then the tidbits over heard during the nightly news, I did not allow myself to get emotionally involved with this case.

Although, most do not agree with the verdict, one thing is for sure, the jury did exactly what it was instructed to do based on the instructions they were given, from what I hear. They were supposed to convict her behind the reasonable doubt and not on public opinion, and they followed the law. We may want something but let’s not forget, things wont always turn out the way we want.

The laws are on the books to be followed. Well, most of the time.

The jury was sequestered for more than a month. They were not allowed to read or watch anything on the subject other then go to court and hear the testimonies. – Oh why does it sound like a segment of Big Brother to me? –

They made the decision and although difficult it may be, we need to accept it as The End, take the pieces and run into the sunset.

There are no winners in this case, just losers.  A kid is dead and will never be brought back to life, a family has been jolted and will never be the same. The life of all those involved from the judge to the prosecutor, defense attorneys and the jury, will forever be transformed as their names will forever be attached to the case but it too shall pass.

As far as Casey is concerned, others will move on, do just fine but not her. She is forever and will forever be Casey, Casey Anthony. Life will change, it has changed.

She has become a pariah, a persona non grata, a misfit, an outcast with no place to stay or live. She may have a place to go but may need to hide from the predators, from those who may try to cause her harm. She may need to move away for her safety and sanity, if she still has any left.

I hope she has learned her lesson. I hope she goes into seclusion, move to lalaland, Timbuktu, reinvent herself; transform herself, become a better person, join the church for spiritual transformation and guidance, go to school, gain some knowledge and stop partying, take life serious.

She has become a free “prisoner”.  A person who will only live free through the four corners of the walls, who will be looking at the sky more than she care to look. She will never be able to trust anyone, be able to freely go places because she will always be looking over her shoulder. She will never be that person or feel yesterday or know what tomorrow will be. As someone put it, “The jury made its decision, what are we gonna do?! Nothing, it is done!” and another person quipped, “She is all alone now”.


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