A Goodbye Buzz…


Life is an endless highway that engulfs into a catalog of unknowns that frames our journey.

The voyage that initiates at dawn veers through strokes, sways into various routes transporting us into nameless territories.

Unaware of that ride and where it was transporting me, I landed in a region called Moongrove back … let’s just say, a long, long time ago. Provided of all amenities and scores of challenges, I went on to build a life rewarded by gratitude and professionalism that has defined me today.

Along the way, I had the opportunity to know and work with scores of people, share the good and bad times, celebrate the occasions and make undeniable family of friends that I will always treasure.

As I once again embark in a endeavor, I peddle around the bridge, ready to embrace the mysterious and trade in my new outfit in the corridor of possibilities.

As set sail to wave goodbye, a ramble of emotions sprinkles down my spine as I take one last dance. Though, geographically disconnected but just one stroke away, I will miss you and wish you the best, and good luck.


An escaped butterfly


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