No, They Didn’t!

Whenever you think no one is watching, trust me, someone is; not big brother, well, that’s a different show but someone else is.

This one just stupefied me. It left me in shock, startled the heck out of me and landed on the things I would not be caught dead doing category.

I can understand the thrill, the dare, the excitement, the ambiance but give it a little, know your boundaries!

I hesitated posting this for many reasons. It wasn’t until I reached down to my core, gave it a hoola hoola dance, talked to it, fed it some lemonade and was overthrown by a coup d’etat of the minds that I gave in. No, Easter is in April, so I was not giving anything up for Lent neither was April fool; so it was real. Perhaps, I poked a hole on my principles, the few I still have left – the ones my mom would go temporarily insane over. I can just picture her running faster then a pigeon, paging mother Teresa in one take, begging her to pray for my soul and that was just me dreaming. It would have been a hair raising situation, the one I would never be caught dead doing, for sure. Ave Maria!

Let’s face it, I am not here to change the world neither am about to do it today. It is what it is. The picture is mind boggling. The gaul of some people. To better “view” the picture, you will need to read in between the line, observe it, analyze it, do a sightseeing, get some fresh air, do another take and voila, there it is. Welcome to the world of “I can’t believe what I am seeing”!

Yes, there they were, doing the ABC’s, the hormone ranging we are still young, so let’s try whatever, thing. They were engaged in the forbidden fruit of Adam and Eve pose. The ones that children were around and should not be seeing this but who cares, no one can see us. The ones their bodies temperature raised up to thousands with no possibility of cooling anytime soon. The ones they lacked discretion but the thrill was inciting; therefore, let’s dare anyway. The ones that when you see it, you go “waw, no they didn’t but oh yeah, let’s watch it” just because they were on fire, the movie was free and living in the moment.

The pool is high on the third or fourth floor of the hotel. Perhaps, the couple was not aware that part of the pool glass floor although tainted, is open to the streets but enough to shield them from the prying eyes. Therefore, the passerby’s – and lord… in which street, the almighty South Beach, was just stunned, amused by what they were witnessing. Note that those watching were laughing and snapping – click, smile you’re on candid camera.

Seriously, what possess them? I know for a fact this and the other obvious one, are the reasons I don’t set my foot on a pool. Yeah, chlorine just doesn’t do it for me.

They stopped only when they heard all the commotion. Just as the party started, just as it was over. They run faster then the squirrel next door looking for his peanuts. Disappeared in the afternoon at the speed of lightening, cut the zipper faster then the seamstress. Zap, they were gone, just like that, swimming away faster then an Olympian.

The funny of it all, no one saw their faces, they could not be deciphered because they were high up. We were only left with their silhouettes and thank God. That was alright for me because I don’t believe I longed for any dessert.


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