Moment by Moment

bookReading this book alongside a group of roughly 30 people in my Bible Studies. It is a series of 32 “Moments” that guides you with thought-provoking questions, practical suggestions, and excerpts carefully chosen from scripture and The Spiritual Exercises. It helps to make the spiritual exercises in daily life and serves as a guide for daily prayer, as a companion for reflection, or as suggested themes for a retreat.

This book may be used in a variety of ways. It is designed to be used as a retreat made as you go about the ordinary routine of your daily life. This book may also be helpful to people during an extended quiet retreat. It can guide you in a process of regular reflection on your experiences – in your personal prayer, in conversation with another, or in a dialogue with a group. Each Moment may be used for a day, for a week, or for a random hour of reflection when seeking perspective on your life. It offers a way to reflect and sift through one’s multiple life experiences and to discover in them the leading thread of God’s longing and desire to make us holy people who are given in service to others. Anyone seeking spiritual growth will discover that Moment by Moment offers wise direction and fosters a holistic spirituality firmly rooted in the daily experience of God in one’s life.

We will read each lesson daily, spot those moments in our everyday lives and later share it with the group. It is going to be interesting as I have never done anything of the kind. I hope to find enlightenment and growth as I trot my way, on my quest to a better and spiritual life. Yeah, we began yesterday and I am already late. Better catch up!


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