I Know, We Are…


The now defund Newsweek magazine cover. February 13, 1995 $2.95

I know, we sport the perfect tan. Yeah, frying in the sun has never been our thing. We just like it in the kitchen with good ole potato salad and french fries and pride on the idea that it just looks good on us. 

I know, we come in different shades, sizes and types of chocolate, there is, yeah, we melt in your mouth just like the way mama made us. Yes, say it, we can speak and read just like you.

I know, we like to smile a lot, good or bad our teeth is out there, we just smile. Pepsodent ain’t got nothing on us.

I know we are loud. Oh well, it is genetics, a sign of great time, jollity and jubilation. It makes us feel good.

I know, we were born at the sound of the beat, playing drums; so they say, the reason why we are always out there. We love to dance until our hearts content or our shoe sole wears off. We have more moves then chupacabra and ostrich combined until someone else decides to claim it as theirs and we are left to create new ones; as the world turns it is. Yes, I know, we haven’t seen a beat we could not conquer. It is just the fever in us.

I know, we don’t crack, we just shine. Our skin is smooth as a cucumber and wrinkle free seen from a far and hard to come by. Gray just suits us mighty fine, so we profess. 

I know we like our bodies, skinny is for the birds, voluptuous is our name, yes those damn curves we enjoy and are proud.

I know we love nappy hair until mama Jones decided to straighten it then adding weave to the mix until mama Chenequa said oh no, give me my afro back, to the hassle we are doing, back to square one or two or whatever suits us better, we are. It sure isn’t like in Timbuktu. They add beads to theirs, cornrows has been spotted on the Paris catwalk . 

I know we are special group of people, what can we say, how else can we explain the abhorrence?! We were born this way. We can’t change it. We have travelled the world over without a passport or will, a borrowed name on our pocket, shackled and bound to hell but, lost at the sea, we left our souls but tomorrow is still beautiful and smile we do. Dignity we still have. 

I know we are just like you and not a stranger at the supermarket. We are just like eeny, meeny, miny and moe. Take time to know, have a relationship with us just like that special chocolate fudge you love so much, and you will be amused. We are not bad. 

I know we are humans, innocents we are not but beings we are. So, why “so much love” lately? We don’t seem to catch a break. Assaulted from all fronts we are, dragged by the ears through the mud, thrown at the bears, butchered just like cuts of meat, made to feel like an old chewing gum and yet we smile. Here, we are going, and going we are just like Duracell battery.

Oh yeah, I know, tomorrow is still tomorrow, beautiful and bright, I know! 

I know Charleston, I know church, yes, Wednesday morning would have been it for me, alongside thirty plus others meeting in a room full of goodies, coffee and tea, for two and half hours getting our groove on. The Lord’s word just does that to you.

I know Bible Studies, I hope you are still “dancing” up there, wearing your Sunday’s best and teaching us a thing or two about forgiveness. I certainly would like to attend that class because as much as Christian I am and was taught to forgive, I am struggling to comprehend but evil is everywhere. Soul searching is needed and in the menu.

If we are not safe in the house of the Lord where can we be?

RIP Charleston!


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