Pic of the Day: Hello August!

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It is August or as we say in Portuguese, Agosto. You take the “a” out and you are left with “gosto” which is ” to like” and in certain situations, “adore”, “love”. Yes, love. I love and adore life. I love my family and friends. I love the craze in me. I love today, tomorrow, and anything and everything in between, and not to be undone, I love yesterday or as we say, past and its puzzles, tears and sweat. Bring on the popcorn August and what comes with it, the flowers, the stones and the blessings. I can see 2016 from afar when another set of resolutions are made and come August, you realize you are not even half way done. Bring on August and back to school madness or as my car would say, can I change into a drone pleaaase? Find me an air way, this traffic is horrendous. Bring on August and the end of the season sells and the shenanigans of Christmas. Hey little lady, I smell you. Now, you are talking my language. Happy August!