Witted Shadow


Every new month is like adding a page to the book that is our lives, each with its stories and blessings, new music to our ears, new sound in the accordion, the poem on the corner.

It is March, the third month of the year or as we say on the streets, the second full blown month of laughter, smile, fun and jamboree. The sun is out, the spring peeks in, the leaves are saying hello and the birds sideways quietly singing the melody.

It is time to celebrate woman, us, grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, daughter, girlfriends, us; the best friend, the sharp-witted shadow, your mirror in the powder room, the incessant lover, the proud your secret carrier card member, the tough cookie in the carousel, the cryer in the closet, the eternal artist, the rock star listener, the truth teller, the soldier in the room, the amen companion. It is March, it is us, women, it is March. 


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