A Trip On The Life Train


El Bierzo, las Medulas historic Mining site Leon, Spain. Its capital is the town of Ponferrada. Listed by the Unesco as one of the World Heritage sites.

Life is like a trip on a train with its stations, track changes and accidents. When we are born, we hop and board the train of tomorrow, the roadmap delineated by our parents. We stay closer to them believing that they will always be our travel companions, tour guides and peeps at boardroom but sometime along the trip of joys, sorrows, fantasies and goodbyes, they will leave us behind to fend for ourselves and meet the world, calling it, growing up.

Many will log through these roads with their little stories to tell. Some will leave an amazing dot on the spoon, others permanent vacuum and some will go so unnoticed that we will not even realize they have vacated their seats, leaving us perplexed and curious. But the great mystery of all, is that we never know at what station we will be dropping off, what bumps on the road we will encounter, what caricature will be drawn and stains will be left on outfit.  We don’t know. Therefore, we must live and enjoy the moment the best way we can, take advantage of what life has to offer while loving and forgiving the hurdles we encounter. So when time comes, we will have memories to share, beautiful or unsavory, of those traveling on the train of life. Happy travels!


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