Counting Blessings

IMG_7192 copy

Assisi, Italy

The time you realize it hasn’t been that bad, they have quietly been walking by you all along. Life takes you through roads, harsh pavements and broken glasses. You ride a bicycle, bus, train, take the helicopter, subway. You parachute down the open skies and land on top of an earthquake. You drive a car through endless highways, bake that perfect cake, peak through the window to seeing only one dope of combustible cocktail, a blank paper in the open vent. When the revolving door keeps going, non stop, all seem so bleak. You find yourself asking the universe up stairs to mend fences, find you that perfect corner to rid away your soul, to waking up from a drunken stupor stage to small dots of blessings bundled in one perfect bouquet. Yes, I am awake after all. It is Friday and the weekend folks. Many blessings to you. Let the church say Amen!


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