To A Far Away Land

The little bird on the corner urged me to run away to a far away land where the sand doesn’t know the beach and the beach doesn’t know the warm water, create a new cocoon of a make believe world of butterflies where I alone can kiss the ground the Lord has built.

I briefly contemplated the trip but He firmly raised His opposition, standoffishly rejecting the idea, saying loud and clear, the map had been traced, the red carpet laid out, to drive elsewhere.

I kept thinking, if I were to run away anywhere, I would still find maggots scattered like pumpkin seeds, old beat up Cadillacs with scrapped tags, fruit flies with colorful tenderloins of many promises. So, came party time, the flowers were in the patio, the keys on the table and the door opened.

I chose to Walk. Live. Breathe. decadently whispering like the most gorgeous bird striking a pose on her way down south instead. The world never tells you the story, the book does!

©️Angela Aguiar


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