Back When I Was a Child

IMG_8772 (1)

I could not wait to get older. I now, sometimes, wish I was a kid again.
My mom made sure I knew my A’s from B’s.
We had toys, games and riding my bicycle was my heaven on earth.
We actually knew our neighbor’s names.
When I knew I was going to get a whooping, I would run out faster before I could scream, run!
People broke crayons and not hearts.
Rock & Roll was the thing.
The birds I used to draw look like flying mustaches.
I did not have to worry about owning the newest technology.
We had to rewind the VHS and not just skip to a scene.
I thought dust bunnies were a real animal.
I climbed on the trees, played with boys and somehow it was alright.
I would have never imagined that I would be where I am today.
Internet? What was that?!
Life was so much simpler!

©️Angela Aguiar


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