Lunch Area Rules


The office lunch area and refrigerator is a convenience for you to use during the workday. Remember to be considerate of your coworkers as you share this benefit with them.

1.    Do not eat or drink food that do not belong to you.

2.    Do not leave food in the refrigerator to rot and smell. If you brought it an didn’t eat it, throw it away.

3.    Do not leave foods uncovered. This is specially important when the food has strong odor. Better yet, try not to bring foods that may have a strong odor such as garlic or onions.

4.    If your container leaks or spells in the refrigerator, clean the spill immediately.

5.    Do not rummage through your co-worker’s food to see what they brought or make comments about what they brought to eat.

6.    Keep the table and counter space area clean after use.

7.    All food and containers must be discarded after use in the trash bins if discarding food with strong odors take the trash bag to the garbage.

8.   If you are the last to fill bin to the top, please remove the bag and place in garage for removal on Mondays and replace bag in bin.

Conclusion: do not bring anything to the enclave. It may harm your nose!


Happy New Year….


… alright! We went to Texas de Brazil and enjoyed it tremendously; the best time I had in years because it was simple and not over the top, then again times have changed. The food was terrific (I brook my own rule and ate meat after 6 years) and so were the drinks; music not so much since I am not too keen of techno music but danced the night away nonetheless. The bill, our part, came to $104.00 services included and in the end, we were handed over a souvenir to rein in the New Year.  An “important” person did us a favor and charged an additional $600.00 plus to our account – we used our credit card; go figure, it wasn’t my doing. Who’s Fault Is it, Anyway?  Rest assured that the restaurant management and the credit card company are investigating the unauthorized exercise of our plastic “with a lot weight” thing. Last we checked, which was two days ago, they were still investigating. What a way to bring in a New Year!