So What If She Does?!


So, everyone is madly in love with the idea of Madonna adopting another child from Malawi. They are so exuberant that they are doing the unthinkable, hiding their contentment. They are totally flying kite with it as everyone and everybody are coming out of the woods to utter how bad this is; how there are so many kids in the States who needs a home and she chose to go across the world to “get” one; stamping her as “baby monster”, pointing their fingers at her as she is “buying” the vulnerable. How bad her! Terrible, terrible Madonna!

She is desperately seeking (desperately seeking Susan?!) new ways to grab attention to herself, doing it for publicity. Huh?! Madonna, searching for attention and doing it as publicity stunt, ok! Give me a break.

People, Madonna no longer needs publicity. One word, Madonna, and every butthead in the world knows or heard of her, good or bad, even my poor old mother.

I imagine her going to bed at night, losing sleep, kicking herself out, hurting from what she reads in the media. The truth is, she does not care one bit and continues to discount the naysayers by throwing punches at whatever is irrelevant, to her wants and needs off course.

Has anyone seen her at home? Has anyone seen her tucking the kids to bed at night, reading them stories or changing their diapers – possibly done by the nannies but who cares? Has anyone heard complaints that she is an appalling mother; she has molested or abused her kids? I am sure there are stories but perhaps, an air tied contract may be preventing the salacious stories from blossoming yet the way rumors swales around her, we would have heard it by now.

The cheap consensus is that she should not adopt another child because she does not have morals, yeah and you do; please!  She does not have any ethics, class; yeah, so does Malawi – a nation decimated by AIDS, ravaged by rampant civil conflict, corruption, and not to be undone, rape and child abuse. Yet, no one has accused Madonna of being a bad mother.

Morality, huh? If you don’t have it how can you give, right?

Word on the street is that they are weary of the guys she hangs around with; her special friendships. Oh really? How fast our pointer finger points to the other end! Like a ballerina doll inside of a crystal-clear glass globe full of snowflakes doing a one eighty.

I digress to take a glance at my own mirror folks.

You see, once upon a time, when I was young, pretty and dandy – oh please, I still am, I was involved in a platonic relationship. I swear; I am raising my hand to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. The only mistake we made was to enjoy each other’s company and listening to any and every little beat dwon monster stories.

Seriously, there was as far as it went. And no, he was not gay. He was very much proud and in control of his manhood (he is now married with kids; it is not a testament but a guarantee). Yet, there was not a soul in the world – that means my peeps, community and other portentous people – who did not accuse us of a cover up, sham or something like none of your business?! But they were sure something was up, there were because it could not be.

Their wonderful deafening need for my low-cost news desecrated their need to be responsible; which leads me to Madonna. Why are we being so press to deny the woman with the opportunity to adopt another child and teh child with a better life? Who’s to say that she is not just being friends with these guys instead of them being her boyfriends? I sympathize!

Really, who are these people criticizing and unable to distinguish between the public from the private persona? So, it is your fault if things go another way, if the adoption is not approved..

Adoption is an enormous commitment; a decision not so hastily taken; it is (and then some) dedication to a being who will never look like you, who will never resemble you, who will never have your physical features or mannerism. It is all pure and noble love. It is not like you assemble the child up and pick she/he from a line up; well in essence you do.

If Madonna wants to give the child a happy life, so be it, let her do it. She is rich enough, has the resources at her fingertips to give this child a home – love, food and first grade medicine; and if she is looking for publicity, more power to her.  Guess who will benefit from it? The poor little precious Mercy James; nothing less, nothing more. She will be the winner and if we could put our dismal stupidity aside temporarily; perhaps, we would be sane to catch a glimpse of her true motive regardless of what it is.

It is interesting to see how all of sudden, rains of people are marching on like mother duck and her little ducklings. They are coming to express their outrage and how they really, really care for this innocent child; how they honestly are trying to protect her from the maniacal evil the “purchaser”, “baby snapper” piranha. People run.

So, Mercy is 4-year-old, live in an orphanage, with no one to hold her, no one to love, no one to tell her stories, no recurrent doctor’s visits or medicine.  Her mother has passed away; her grandmother who has lamented that taking her is “stealing” – I wonder how often she stops by for a visit, and her father who has seen the light and rose up from the ashes (and who certainly will dissipate quickly into the fin air once the camera is turned off), I wonder how often he stops by to give her a kiss or bring her new shoes. I wonder if any one of the Malawian officials belittling Madonna has ever heard of little Mercy or thought of protecting her from AIDS. I wonder if any of these people has ever hugged or held her in their arms.

No people; Kabbalah, not watching TV, not eating animal products, having many boyfriends (then most of the Africa’s population would be going to hell), saving the planet should not be deterrents to not giving a child a home. What we don’t value in life and what life is, is no longer of great importance. It is about saving a soul and if Madonna wants to do it, so let her. I am sure little Mercy will thank her one day.


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