Buckle Up And Dream!


As the say goes, follow your dreams, the yellow brick road down the river and knock that door. Knock intensely until your knuckles surrenders. Tear through the glasshouse and take matters into your hands, no matter how long it takes, how hard it gets, the circumstances or hurdles you may encounter, just do it.

Go after it with hunger and passion in your soul. Don’t find yourself regretting yesterday, reflecting on what could have been, crying miserably while binging on a pile of bananas.

Live your life intensely or whatever pace your boat flows, whether big or small, enjoy what it brings. Engrave your aspirations on the curvaceous wall and let it stretch.

Ask for it, put it out there and let it be. It may take years, journeying itself in the open ocean, pulling and grabbing perks. Eventually, you will unearth yourself at the tip of that dream, querying on when and how you got there.

The sky is no limit when you are running down the corridor of zest. Hungry for love you are, for success you dream, for life you ride, indefinitely. Do it with your eyes closed, at sound of the water dripping from an air handler. Jump in that water, pump the gas pedal, put on your sailor’s hat and rocket that boat. Push that button and go for it. Dream!

Easier said than done right?! Not really. To dream is to live an ideal. It is inexpensive, unsolicited, intoxicating and sometimes, breathtaking. You don’t have to pay a cent, it is out there and barring any nightmares, you are on. Have faith. Do not buckle at first smell of defeat. Just lay quietly and if you are lucky, it will meet you shortly after your head caresses the pillow. Good night. Sweet dreams!


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