Life, An Incessant Ocean!

Folha 2Life is not always a sea of roses but an incessant ocean. It is a quagmire of occurrences. A room of lifeboats. A roller coaster of hurdles. An inexplicable mayhem. A chest of drawers. It is full of curves and curvatures, ups and downs, loops and bounds, hills and downhills, scales and balances, tornados and thunderstorms. It is a twenty four hour merry-go-round of not so jolly and friendly skies. It is an handkerchief of events, a broken tray of popcorn not always at our disposal. We learn to dance to our favorite songs when things don’t go our way. We may not always get what we want but are given a book to look through and solve the puzzle. The menu is not always in black ink but one can never go wrong with a good scrambled egg. Life is always about choices. Either you drive in the turnpike or design your own nest. Living does not require much or equate purgatory. It can be one walk in the park if you know how to navigate its trails and accept its daily dosage of bourbon. Breathe. Create your own adventure and ride that bus as you may find yourself at the tip of the road begging for that perfect ride. Face today with gusto. Choose to live and praise your possible authentic self!


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