Life And It’s Corridors

Traveling through Myanmar

Life is an endless highway that metamorphoses into a catalog of unknowns that frames our journey and everyday existence. It is a voyage that initiates at dawn, veers through strokes, sways into various routes transporting us into nameless territories. Unaware of that ride and where it might transports us next, we hop on a plane and land in a region called reality.

Reality. Right now. The moment. Be still.

Providing all the amenities and scores of challenges, some build their lives rewarded by gratitude, understanding and love, and others by a stroke of luck, and unforeseen mayhem. Along the way, we encounter hurdles and opportunities that makes us jump and take notice, grow, creating an identity card unique to us.

Unsure of its corridors, it sometimes drives us into an encrypted new itinerary, undiscovered, vague. We are left alone to peddle around its bridge, embrace the mysterious and trade in a new outfit every second in the corridor of possibilities or tragedies, too often for our own good.

We run across scores of people – some brilliant others uninteresting, share stories – some beautiful and others soulless, celebrate occasions and make undeniable family of friends that we will perhaps treasure and put on a piggy bank.

Well, it is life. It is one previously carved enigma and we just simply don’t know. It is our journey, it defines us, we live it. It can change in a minute; so, let’s make the best of it!


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